Wine: a tradition with roots lost in the mists of time, yet at the same time very much alive and contemporary. A tradition shaped by history, excellence, hard work, simple gestures, rituals repeated unchanged following the rhythm of nature, objects that have an important part to play in the pursuit of quality: barrels, tanks, bottles, corks.


A tradition whose essential credo is the pleasure of a fine beverage, wine as a sensual, and at the same time social, experience, because wine leads to culture, togetherness, friendship, good cheer and respect.


A tradition that must be experienced on the skin: I, Alberto, grew up in the Langhe area, in the heart of a wine-making tradition that has always been part of my family, who both tended the wines and aged the bottles; all the phases of this process are in my blood; they’re a part of me, leading to the creation of something that ultimately is much more than just a product.


Thanks to our certified production facilities that I design and build myself, I bottle our wine keeping close check on the barometric pressure and the consequent oxygenation of the wine, to produce wine of an outstanding quality that I have named APE, “Authentic Piedmont Excellence“.


Bees, the producers of the food of the gods par excellence, are an ancient symbol of industriousness, of a connection and relationship with nature, and we have chosen it as our emblem because it reflects the philosophy that underlies what we do.

APE red wine bold

well-structured, intense ruby-red with hints of sour cherry and almond.
Recommended for first courses with game, roast and boiled meats.
Vol 13% alc.

APE white wine

well-structured, straw-yellow with hints of pineapple and green apple.
Recommended as an aperitif, with soups, risotto, fish and white meats.
Vol. 13% alc.

APE extra-dry wine

made using the Martinotti method, residual sugars 18 g/litre, a fresh wine with floral notes.
Recommended as an aperitif and as a dessert wine.
Vol 11% alc.

APE sparkling wine

made using the Martinotti method, residual sugars 11 g/litre, a fresh wine with floral notes.
Recommended as an aperitif, for preparing Spritz and all fish and seafood dishes.
Vol. 11% alc.